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The Path is to The Person

Our commitment

We empower individuals in need by teaching positive and servant leadership principles. Our focus is on facilitating a unique formal process to foster meaningful connections and forge unlikely friendships, nurturing a loving community. Additionally, we are committed to constructing a new modern campus with inclusive facilities to provide comprehensive and humane support for people in need.

Ride The Wave Foundation (RTW), a non-profit organization, was established in 2023. We offer free business training to individuals who feel marginalized by society, seek assistance, and aspire to improve their lives.

We strive to bridge the gap between education and government programs, utilizing the skills of everyday individuals eager to teach and make a difference. With the surge of homelessness, RTW acknowledges that genuine power and transformation stem from personal connections and empathy from the inside out.

Here is a glimpse of some of the training we provide:

  • The Power of Positivity
  • Fueling Encouragement
  • Finding Purpose
  • How to Be a Go Giver
  • Goal Setting
  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • And Much More!

The Podcast

Ride the Wave Foundation Podcast image

 At the Ride the Wave Podcast Show, we firmly believe that every voice matters. Our platform serves as a safe haven – a judgment-free space where individuals from all walks of life can openly share their personal journeys, talents, and unique perspectives. Whether you’re an everyday person, someone with extraordinary abilities, or even facing homelessness, we extend a warm invitation
to join us.

Our show embraces guests from diverse backgrounds, including those who consider themselves average, extraordinary, or underprivileged. We’ve come to realize that everyone harbors a
compelling story – one that can inspire, educate, and connect us all. So, whether you wish to share life experiences, showcase hidden talents, or engage in meaningful conversations, Ride the Wave provides the ideal platform.

Why Choose Us?

  • Safe Space: Here, judgment finds no foothold. Authentic conversations thrive.
  • Celebrating Diversity: From everyday individuals to those with exceptional abilities, we celebrate the richness of human experiences.
  • Comfortable Dialogues: Our discussions span the spectrum – from personal struggles to hidden talents.
  • Guest Opportunities: Interested in being a guest? Contact us through our form below and select “Podcast Guest Request” from the inquiry options.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Together, let’s ride the waves of storytelling!

How Was RTW Formed?

RTW’s founder, Jeff Fisher, was profoundly influenced by the unlikely relationships he formed. These connections led to the creation of RTW.

1st Interaction:

While walking down South Street in Morristown, NJ, Jeff encountered Lorenzo, who was selling splash paintings on the sidewalk. Lorenzo invited Jeff to view his artwork, sparking an engaging conversation. Jeff was inspired by Lorenzo’s energy and determination despite the challenges he faced.

2nd Interaction:

During a café meeting with Lorenzo to discuss potential collaboration, Jeff met Marc Robinson. Jeff noticed the numerous pens on the table, and Marc proudly shared one of his drawings. Despite their different backgrounds and appearances, Jeff and Marc built trust and formed a valuable friendship, realizing they had more in common than they thought.

3rd Interaction:

The catalyst for Wave occurred when Jeff encountered Darryl Zilinskis near his parents’ home. Jeff offered help to Darryl, who shared his story, leaving a lasting impact on both of them. Months later, Jeff saw significant improvement in Darryl’s life, marking a turning point for their friendship and the inception of the Wave concept.
Listen to Episode 1 of the Wave Podcast to hear Jeff and Darryl passionately exchange their stories.

4th Interaction:

Jeff’s last encounter was with Hal in a café. Despite Hal’s rudeness toward the staff, Jeff approached him with an open demeanor. To Jeff’s surprise, Hal responded positively, and they bonded over a shared interest in a book they admired. Their conversation shifted toward positivity and spirituality, creating a positive energy. Jeff discovered the importance of approaching others with genuine intentions to get to know them.

Upcoming Book Release

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our new book, “The Wave Maker.” This captivating and insightful book delves into the power of personal connections, empathy, and provides practical steps you can take to transform your life and the lives of others. Stay tuned for updates on the release date and how to get your copy.

Free Online Training Program

We are developing a free online training program that empowers homeless individuals who aspire to a better life with servant and positive leadership principles, inspiring them to create positive change. By developing essential leadership qualities, participants acquire the skills needed to navigate challenges, build a brighter future, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.


RTW acknowledges the difficulties homeless individuals face in receiving housing and resources. We discovered that receiving housing and then navigating multiple organizations for resources with minimal guidance hinders people’s stability, potentially leading to relapse or worsening mental health.

True reform involves providing homeless individuals committed to reform with a comprehensive, all-inclusive, non-religious, modern, and humane live-in campus backed by community support. We believe in change from within, driven by individuals embracing their capacity for love.

At RTW we believe that words matter, so “Wave” won’t be called a “Program”, but a “Collective” — The Wave Collective. Everyone, irrespective of age, race, sex, religion, or their past, is welcome. At RTW the pathway is to the person so that’s what we will focus on.

RTW’s endeavors, including our podcast, books, training, partnerships, and projects, align with our grand commitment. Stay tuned for updates!

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Jeff Fisher, the founder of Ride The Wave, owns NCK Equipment (NCK), which adopted Ride The Wave as its guiding company culture. NCK was named after the founder Ray Maurone’s three daughters, reflecting Ray’s family values, relationship-building skills, and positive mentorship with Jeff. More than industry leaders, we’re propelled by deep-rooted values. RTW, our foundation, guides NCK’s innovation and community efforts. It fuels us to be much more than a process equipment company, enhancing our customer support and sparking internal innovation. See NCK’s website to see how we have tied in RTW, which is interwind with NCK’s culture. Visit the NCK Website.

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